Medical Interpreting Program​

40-Hour course ​including:​

- Classroom Classes

-  In-Office Classes

Interpreting Solutions & Technologies

  • ​​Face-to-Face Interpreting

  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting 

  • Document Translations

  • Video Interpreting

  • ​LEP Community Membership

   Test Preparation

  • 4.0 Continuing Education (CEs)

  • Meet pre-requisitions for National Certification

  • Learn the National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS).

Medical Interpreting Associates LLC

Over-the-Phone Interpreting 

Reach a qualified interpreter you can see in 30 seconds or less, 24x7x365

Silver Membership

General Business:Manuals, brochures, books, letters, e-mails, memoranda, surveys, personnel announcements, payroll records, education transcripts, magazine or newspaper articles, labels, standard forms, notices, signs, job descriptions, receipts, form letters, instructions, articles, menus, warranties

Financial Services: Account information, credit histories and reports, financial statements, loan documents, contracts, mortgage papers, pension records, correspondence, financial applications

HealthcareHospital release forms, patient billing and instructions, medical and immunization records, informed consent forms, medical claims, patients' rights

Insurance: Accident and medical reports, claims information and forms, receipts, statements, death certificates, release forms

Law Enforcement: Police statements and reports, investigations, public records

Court/Legal: Complaints, statement of charges, summons, documents, divorce papers, contracts, advice of rights

Public Service/Government: Notices and public service announcements, voter information, forms, public signage

Transportation: Security questionnaires and general passenger information

Document Translations

Video Interpreting





​LEP Community Membership

Qualified interpreters available 24/7/365

Connection to an interpreter in just seconds

Support for more than 200 languages; 99.85% language availability and Dialects

Documentable and traceable

interpretation with no additional paperwork needed

Complete confidentiality

Call monitoring for quality assurance

Customized service implementation at your location

Will supply phones and Language Identification Cards

Step 1 - Submit the document

Step 2 - You will receive an estimate via email

Sept 3 - Once is accepted, we will proceed with project

Turn around 24-48 hrs depending size of project

Translate Documents From English Into over 200 Languages

GOLD Membership

Stratus Video began as a video remote interpretation (VRI) provider. We now offer InPerson and Audio products to fulfill all of your interpretation needs.

The Stratus Product Suite will help you communicate with your limited English proficiency (LEP) patients faster and much more efficiently.

All of our applications are intuitive and easy to use, and can be loaded on to any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Medical Interpreting Associates LLC was created to support health providers that require a high demand of dependable face-to-face interpreters for the American Sign Language (ASL), spoken languages and dialects.  MIA Interpreters can be scheduled by appointment and in emergency same-day. We ensure to improve client satisfaction, cut back risk, and meet government regulation with the best skilled interpreters for professional and dependable services.

Language access solutions for Healthcare, Business, Public Safety, and Government

Basic Membership

We support Healthcare, Social Services, 9-1-1 Emergency Services, Insurance, Utilities, Government Services, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Call Centers, Businesses and more